Lumping Services for Your Business

Supreme Lumping Services

Supreme Lumping focuses on providing clients with comprehensive job functions solutions that integrate into the client’s business plans along with the flexibility of a scalable workforce.
This allows clients employees to remain focused on adding value to their company. This would cut unloading and loading time down to save money. On average, our lumpers make loading and unloading trailers quicker than it can be internally.
Supreme time studies have shown that outsourced lumpers cut unloading time down by 60%. Our lumpers are the helping hand that keeps freight rolling. it’s a win-win. 

What is Supreme doing to disrupt the industry?

A common complaint among customers in the industry is that their deliveries are not handled properly. There may be instances of cargo falling during transit or getting damaged. Supreme Lumping service will help reduce those losses by loading and unloading packages safely to minimize damage. Our services are popular with big chains because we can save millions in labor and staff costs.

Benefits of working with our Lumping Team

Supreme lumping provides incentive based employees that are paid based on productivity.
Which means we get the job done in a timely manner. If our lumpers are not productive it is reflected in their pay, so they have a huge incentive to be productive.
They cut overtime hours, assist in day-to-day operations, and provide back-ups when you are shorthanded. Supreme also carries both workers compensation and general liability insurance.

Our Services Include