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Finding the perfect place to work can be hard. You want a job that pays well and will treat you right. Maybe you’re new to the workforce or switching to a new vocation. Getting started working as a temp is a great way to gain hands-on experience and test the waters. If your goal is a full-time position, then working a temp-to-hire position gives you a chance to connect with the right employer before accepting a permanent position. If you know what you want and are ready for a full-time job, we can help you find the right employer with great benefits.

When you’re running a business, you don’t have time to review stacks of applications, conduct interviews, and run background checks. Keeping your hiring process in-house is neither efficient nor cost-effective. You need the most qualified candidates for the unique employment opportunities you offer. You need somebody who can perform the job description, has passed background checks and is eager to work.

Good news – we specialize in connecting you with your ideal employee.

Connie Thompson
Connie Thompson
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Supreme Staffing is very helpful with putting people in a good job. I have been with them for one month and a half. Have no problem with my pay or my hours. I would recommend people to Supreme Staffing.
Tshean Thompson
Tshean Thompson
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Hey my name is Tshean and Supreme Staffing has helped me define teamwork more understand that its more of a partnership working together to get the job done.
John Doe
John DoeFarmer's Insurance
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Whether you’re looking to build a dependable first-class workforce or searching for a job in an industry that needs your skills and expertise, Supreme Staffing finds the right fit for everyone.

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